Bamboo biochar

I have been wanting to make my own bamboo biochar for quite a while now, and now I have access to a somewhat huge grove, hey…why not.

Matake Bamboo

Making Biochar : First google “making biochar”. I could give ya long winded essay on the “do’s” and “hell no’s” but probably some qwerty samurai would tell me I was doing something wrong.

Now, the traditional Japanese charcoal kiln method is the method I like best, but it takes a crazy amount of time and effort, maybe when I retire..

The best methods hails from Moki 株式会社 モキ製作所 a Japanese company who specialises in making equipment to burn shit, produces a smokeless biochar maker in three sizes.

The price is a little high, but you can produce commercial-grade biochar in thirty minutes or so… I’ll go this route next year when I start to clean up the grove more . But for the meantime I have gone cheap, a metal cylinder, and it seems to be doing the job (fingers crossed) it can’t produce commercial-grade, but good enough for my needs in the meantime and considering it’s something I picked up for free. Yep, she’ll do..