24 Starts

I’ve probably talked about it before, but I don’t remember and I can’t be bothered searching., But I’ve always found the end of the year to be my blue time.

I’m not sure if it’s because I originally come from the southern hemisphere and the opposite seasons just mess me up, or because my mini projects are half assed done and I’m trying to complete them or at least get them cleaned up before the New Year starts.

Projects for 2024

No.1 Complete the shed

It’s taken way too long but it’s almost complete, I’ve only got the roof and the inside to do.

No.2 Work Space

Add walls and a door to the top shed, turn this sucker into my main project place and bbq space.

No.3 Farm

Plant more vegetables, work on the bamboo raised garden beds and work out why the blackberries aren’t growing 😡

No.4 Camping Site

Keep the place clean, cut some more trees down, don’t spend any money on it… and research composting toilets.