bbwear – Ultra Bee Suit

So I have been beekeeping for a bit over eight years, and chasing hornets in the back hills of Awaji for over twenty.

When I first started bee-keeping, I never realised the giant hornet was going to eat through the honey bees the way they do, because Japanese honey bees can defeat the giant Asian hornet a.k.a murder hornet… Right?

”Right!”, I mean ”Wrong!”, No I mean ”Kind of?”.

Kind of ?, yeah ”kind of”.. Kind of like martial art training doesn’t always mean you are going to win a fight.

If you are going to keep bees in Japan, you need to give them a helping hand, to do that you need to kill hornets, for that better get ya self a good bee suit.

I started killing the attacking hornets suitless and upgraded to a motorcycle jacket and then onto a deep-sea fishing suit. After a few mishaps, I upgraded to a stinking hot hornet suit with a wearable time of thirty minutes in the summer before heatstroke sets in, that’s how I know thirty minutes is the limit… No fun there.

In comes the Ultra Bee Suit from bbwear.

Made from a high-tech 3D fabric making it the most sting proof bee suit on the market. Tested with very angry bees, wasps, Asian and European hornets and soon by me with the giant Asian hornet. Oh! it has a Certified PPE – EU Declaration of conformity

And… It’s cool as ?

Asian Hornet vs New Suit