Bees Wax 4 Sale

Summer 2019

Our hives do not use ready made foundations making 100% of the wax produced by the our honeybees, there is zero chance of the wax being contaminated with paraffin or soy wax . We do use chemicals in our hives, thus making our wax chemical free. Our wax processed via two methods, Solar in the months of July and August, and steam in in the other months.

Two grades are available for purchase, Apiarist and Cosmetic.


This wax is suitable for use in beehives and products such as leather or wood polish. The wax is deep yellow in colour with some impurities. This wax could used in candle making providing you filter the liquid wax beforehand.

20 yen per gram


Our light golden cosmetic wax is perfect match for any type of cream or balm.

35 yen per gram